The Ski Shack is southern Missouri’s destination for Malibu wakeboats, Axis wakeboats, Bennington pontoon boats, preowned boats, full-service boat repair and maintenance, and to find all the latest gear for your next watersport or mountain adventure. Whether you’re purchasing your first wake boat, getting the right gear and clothes for an epic trip, having your boat serviced, or dropping in for some time practicing at the cable park, there’s nothing quite like a trip to the Ski Shack.

Walk into a Ski Shack location and get ready to meet a team of professional lake lovers who know their boats, are dedicated to top-quality customer service and who have all the gear you need for the lake. Each team member is dedicated to getting you the best experience you can have on the water. We want you to enjoy it as much as we do!

While our team hails from all over the country, they stay because of the rewards of lake life in one of the most beautiful regions of the state, and the country. Come join in on the fun with our family at the Ski Shack!